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Maureen brown said:   June 18, 2015 5:19 pm PST
Just wanted to send a thank you for always creating my favorite sandwich , toasted sourdough ,spinach, bacon ,tomato,egg and cheese,with chips and pickle on the side.perfect every time ..thanks love ya ps best pumpkin woopie pies

Maria Gilfus said:   March 24, 2015 11:10 am PST
Breakfasts are AMAZING - fresh ingredients and changing specials (some unique)! The bakery items are to die for...I have ordered some pies for the holidays that would match or out-do any fine Boston bakery! Next on my agenda is try their lunch menu (hopefully someday soon)!

Bob Bolduc said:   February 15, 2015 7:03 pm PST
I've travelled all over the planet and every corner of the US for work, Nancy's Marshview is on par with the finest gourmet, pastry & home cooking available anywhere. Not to be missed!

Gale Jeffrey said:   February 2, 2015 4:43 am PST
Love you guys, Nancy, Fred and Loren. I am so happy that your restaurant is a big success. When the weather gets better, we'll come to see you.

Dina Redmond said:   August 15, 2014 8:27 am PST
Best Breakfast place in Salisbury Mass. We also love the Breads and Pastry.

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